Monday, October 21, 2019

Autumn Sweaters !

 Autumn outfits

If you have sweaters in your closet, it's time to bring out  and to make the right combinations.  Autumn is the ideal season for these sweaters !
This style has been a favorite for some years and this year more than any other , fashion girls can't wait to  give their suggestion about sweaters combination .Other accessories like bags, belts , shoes , jewelry , hat , scarves etc are the most interesting part to look at .
Let's take a look !

 The good news is that these models have not changed much from last year, we can wear the same if you do not plan to buy new ones, just make the right combinations. Don't worry about shoes because with new trends you can wear everything from heels to boots !

 The fashion girls are introducing models this season and the most cools ones are four!
 The first combination is a sweaters with high waist jeans and wavy hair, you will look very stylish , any belt would add to your look a complete style .
A pair of bright earrings would be a nice suggestion!
blue seweater with hight waist jeans

 The second combination is  more feminine,  a thick short skirt and long boots!
you can choose the  shades of brown  to look closer to this Autumn season , you will feel like in the fashion runway  perfectly combined with nature .
You can easily wear a fashion hat now , it's a bit cold and maybe you will need it ! 

 Third is this year's trend, sweaters with  jumpsuit  and sneakers! Very practical , special , cute and comfortable from morning till afternoon . You should definitely have a photo like this on instagram that will make you look cool .

 And the fourth but the most delightful is the long sweater as a dress that we wear with tights or leggings . This combination is right and for evening with long boots or heels  , you can put a cute belt and a mini bag , this is perfect , you will love yourself in this dress !

  Start making the right choices by being inspired by our models! Don't forget to add accessories , they are the most interesting part !
Have a unforgettable autumn!

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